Sermon Series: God's Story, Part 1

Posted date: 31/08/2019

By: Lifeway India

This five-sermon series teaches the beginning of God's story, as He brought all things into being and created mankind to be in fellowship with Him. Selected passages in Genesis and Exodus explain the formation of God's chosen nation, Israel, His covenant with them, and His promises to establish them in a land of their own.

God's Story is the first part of three sermon series that provide a sweeping introduction to biblical theology - the story of God's redemption of mankind, fulfilled through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

You will find links to the other sermon series to the right, as well as a link to download a complete sermon manuscript package.

Sermons in this series

  1. The Baptist Faith and Message: Mankind - Genesis 1
  2. Abraham, Called of God - Genesis 12
  3. The Forward Movement of God's Plan - Exodus 1
  4. Misusing God's Name - Exodus 20
  5. When God Leads the Way - Exodus 33

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