Grace of God and Flaws of Men

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Grace of God and Flaws of Men takes the reader down to the deep dark depths of human sinfulness, only to come back up with the dazzling riches of God's grace. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob stand towering among Old Testament leaders. They have always been celebrated for their faith, obedience and accomplishments. But to only see their success, without also seeing their flaws, would alter the central message of the Bible — men are sinners and it is the grace of God that saves and transforms them through Christ Jesus. Anand Mahadevan’s fresh, true and counter-intuitive perspective on the lives of these three heroes and their many failures, will leave you captivated by the beauty, patience and transforming power of God's grace.

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ANAND MAHADEVAN is a business journalist and church planter. He has worked in media for 25 years. He is also the Lead Planter at New City Church, Mumbai. It seeks to engage professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. He is married to Ajitha, who works to bring healing, freedom, and dignity to victims of sex-trafficking. They have two teenaged children Varun and Varsha.